What is BHBC? We’re an advisory service that is focused on maximizing your chances of receiving a college basketball scholarship.


Just as there are counseling services that help students with the college admissions process, BHBC was created to help athletes navigate the basketball recruiting process. For years, I have watched players waste thousands of dollars on recruiting services, tournaments, camps and “exposure events” that go completely ignored by college coaches. This has always driven me crazy!


Therefore, I decided to use my fifteen years of working with college recruiters to create a service that offers realistic, practical, and meaningful advice to prospective college basketball players. I work with my clients directly and individually, and do not have a “one size fits all” approach. My goal is to not only help you get exposure, but to make sure you are prepared to take advantage of the moment when that time comes.

Brooks with kids

Pictured with Brooks from L to R: Amy Velasco (2021) Bowling Green commit and Allie Stefanek (2020) multiple offers, currently undecided

The basketball recruiting process has dramatically evolved over the past ten years. I’ve worked with players who started receiving college interest in the seventh grade and several who had multiple D1 offers by eighth grade. Therefore, I firmly believe that for anyone who has aspirations of playing college basketball, it is never too early to start preparing.


If you are in a good AAU (or HS) program and are mainly interested in getting a “second opinion” regarding your recruitment, we can help you. However, if you are looking for BHBC to act as your primary recruiting advisory service, we can also do that. That’s why I formed BHBC; so that every client may have an advocate with established contacts and experience in this ultra-competitive environment.

A one year membership with BHBC includes the following:


Unlimited text or email access to Brooks throughout the year. The frequency of contacts typically increases each year, as you get further into the recruiting process.  That communication can be by phone, email, or zoom meetings.

  • Complete access to BHBC’s digital partner, NCSA (Next College Student Athlete). NCSA is regarded as the largest digital athletic recruiting platform.  The amount of online support, educational tools, college data bases, video production assistance, etc., is second to none. Access to the NCSA data base alone is extremely valuable.  Combine that access with Brooks serving as your personal recruiting coordinator, and your athlete will greatly improve their chances of one day playing college basketball.  BHBC accepts athletes ranging from 7th-12th grade.

Brooks was a highly recruited high school athlete and Ohio’s 1999 Mr. Basketball. After a successful career at the University of Dayton where he was a four year starter, Brooks went on to play professionally for four years.

He eventually moved on to coaching and several years ago, formed his own successful AAU program, Ohio Elite Basketball.

Over the past fifteen years, Brooks has developed hundreds of relationships with college basketball coaches. He knows what they’re looking for, what scares them off, and why some players get recruited over others who are equally talented.

Of the players Brooks has coached or advised that wanted to play college basketball, 85% have received at least one college offer. According to Brooks, the simplest and best advice about the recruiting process that he ever received came from a former coach: “It’s not the best players who get offers, it’s the best players we know of who get offers.”

That’s why Brooks started BHBC. He wants to continue using his experience and connections to help others receive the same opportunities that he had coming out of high school.

What people think about us

“Brooks Hall has seen the recruiting system from all angles as a high level collegiate prospect, travel basketball coach and high school basketball coach. His experience in this area makes him an invaluable asset to student athletes and families looking to take ownership of their recruiting process and put themselves in the best situation to be successful.”


"Bryce McKey"

Director, OGBR, Head Coach, Sports City U

More Testimonials

“The college recruiting process is pretty scary if you don’t know what and how to navigate through it. We had no idea where to begin, what the process was, or how to tell if a college was really interested in you or if a letter was just a form letter. Thank goodness for Brooks! Whenever we had questions, he was always available to answer them and guide us. It was such a good feeling to see someone take a genuine interest in our daughter’s future and help them succeed. Her dream of playing D1 basketball just happened! She just signed with her first choice and we are so excited to watch her grow as a person and athlete at the next level.”


"Nicole Stupp"

“I can testify that Coach Brooks is “all in” for these kids and is passionate about seeing them play at the next level. I would do it over again a million times. Brooks never promised that he could get my daughter a scholarship, but that he could show her what it took to get one if she agreed to put in the work. He helped elevate her game over the past two years and she has since received six full ride scholarship offers.”


"Javan Conley"

“Brooks is an experienced, honest evaluator of talent. He has an immense network of college coaches that rely on his referrals. Do yourself a favor and get an honest assessment of where your daughter’s profile fits--never seen him miss on where a player should land.”


"Mark Velasco"

“When we first met Brooks, he told us that he uses a two-step process: He initially evaluates, suggests areas of improvement and then re-evaluates. When he thinks you’re ready, he makes contacts on your child’s behalf. That’s exactly what happened with my daughter. After simply watching her seven minute highlight video, Brooks suggested several things to work on. About six months later, he reached out to coaches in his network, got them to come watch her play, and she received multiple D1 offers before her first day of high school. Brooks is honest and easy to work with, but he’s also tough. In this environment, however, we didn’t want a cheerleader, we wanted someone who got results; and that’s what Brooks gets..results.”


"John Mattes"

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